Terms of Use of Xona.AI

1. Scope of Application

These terms of use from Poyraz Digital (hereinafter "Xona.AI") apply to the use of offers, applications, and services of Xona.AI (hereinafter "Services") by users (hereinafter "Users"), such as:

  • the use of the website www.xona.ai by Xona.AI;
  • the use of the mobile applications of Xona.AI;
  • the use of a user account of Xona.AI;

By using the Services, the user accepts these terms of use in their current version.

General terms and conditions of Xona.AI, which the user may have accepted in another context (e.g., when purchasing products or services), remain reserved.

The use of third-party services integrated or linked in Xona.AI's services ("Third-party Services") is subject exclusively to the terms of use of these third parties (see Section 3).

2. Services of Xona.AI

2.1. General

Xona.AI can change, expand, or discontinue services at any time.

Product descriptions, offers, prices, and other information published by Xona.AI on the Services can be changed by Xona.AI at any time and are not binding on Xona.AI without express agreement between Xona.AI and the user.

Xona.AI may design individual services with fees.

Xona.AI makes reasonable efforts to always use current and correct data in its services, although data may contain errors or incomplete information for technical or other reasons. The user has no claims against Xona.AI as a result.

Xona.AI strives to ensure reasonable availability of the services offered but does not guarantee uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the services. Xona.AI endeavors to remedy technical disruptions within a reasonable period that lie within its control.

The user has no claims against Xona.AI for the use of the services or third-party services.

2.2. Registration, User Account

Registration or the creation of a user account may be necessary for the use of the services. Registration or the opening of a user account is only permitted for legally capable users (natural and legal persons). The user is obliged to provide complete and correct information and to make changes promptly if the information is no longer up to date. The user is solely responsible for the content of his registration and the information he provides about himself. Xona.AI is not obligated to check the user's information for correctness or completeness.

Logging into the user account is done with the access data created during registration (such as username/password) or via a third-party platform or identity provider chosen by the user. Xona.AI may consider any access with the correct access data (username/password) or access authenticated by an identity provider as legitimate access. Xona.AI is free to reject registration for justified reasons, delete a user account, or restrict access to it.

Xona.AI determines the type of access protection and takes reasonable precautions to protect its services from unauthorized third-party interference.

The user is obliged to treat his access data confidentially and to protect it from misuse. The user has no claims against Xona.AI for misuse of access data or damage resulting from unauthorized access to the user account and the use of the services. If the user detects misuse or suspects it, he must inform Xona.AI immediately by email at hello@xona-ai.com.

The user is not allowed to transfer or assign the user account or rights to it.

3. Third-party Services

Xona.AI may integrate or link third-party services into its services. For example, individual functions of the services may provide interactions between the user and third-party services.

It is the sole responsibility of the user how he interacts with such third-party services. Xona.AI has no influence on the design of these third-party services and their content. The user has no claims against Xona.AI from the use of these third-party services.

The terms of use and privacy policies of these third parties exclusively apply to the use of third-party services.

4. User Obligations

The user undertakes to use the services appropriately and to refrain from any improper, abusive, and unlawful use, such as the introduction of malware (such as viruses, worms, or other spyware). Furthermore, the services may not be used in a way that negatively affects their availability (for example, through the use of automatic devices, scripts, and robot, spider, crawler, or scraper services).

5. Intellectual Property

The user acknowledges that the content published on the services is legally protected and that the use of the same requires the consent of the respective rights holder.

Reproducing, transmitting (electronically or by other means), or modifying the services or content in whole or in part is not allowed.

Copying, downloading, or printing of content is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use, provided that any copyright notices or other protected designations are not removed.

Xona.AI is a registered trademark of Xona.AI. The user has no right to use this trademark or future additional trademarks of Xona.AI. The same applies to unregistered trade names, product, and service names, as well as logos.

6. Liability

Any liability of Xona.AI in connection with the use of the services and third-party services is excluded.

The user undertakes to fully indemnify Xona.AI from any claims by third parties that are due to a violation of these terms of use by the user.

7. Violation of Terms of Use

In case of violation of these terms of use by the user, Xona.AI is entitled to block or deny the user access to the services.

8. Data Protection

The data protection declaration of Xona.AI in its current version applies, accessible at Xona.AI Privacy Policy.

Xona.AI may send a registered user information about other products or services of Xona.AI (for example, in the form of a newsletter or by mail). If the user no longer wishes to receive such communications, he can unsubscribe at any time by email at hello@xona.ai.

9. Final Provisions

Xona.AI can change these terms of use at any time. The current version is binding, accessible at Xona.AI Terms of Use.

Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be invalid or ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions is not affected.

Swiss law applies to these terms of use, excluding the rules of private international law.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms of use is the registered office of Xona.AI (Zurich).

Xona.AI, February 27, 2024